Customer Service


I teach a KardioKick class at a local fitness center two nights a week. The center just opened, and we’re eagerly listening to feedback from clients to customize a summer schedule that best fits their needs to keep them coming back and engaged in the class.

As the year closes so do the minds of my students, it seems.  Some have tuned out, tuned off, and tuned into summer mode already. How do I keep them engaged these last few days? And even more importantly, how can I ensure that I don’t lose my new students in the fall?  Then, it dawned on me: ask them.

Spending quality time asking quality questions and genuinely listening to the feedback of the patrons of the fitness center have garnished more clients and more requests for classes.  

So, I tried it with my students. My educated mind, years of teacher training, and those glorious standardized testing gods already told me what students in my English 8 need to know and be able to do. I genuinely wanted to know what my middle schoolers want. I crafted a quick questionnaire using Google Forms and carefully read through their responses. I plan to organize and use their responses to craft my 2012-13 school year.Image

No doubt about it: in any business, customer service is important.  Education is no different, and anytime of the school year is a good time to remember who the real customers are.

Have a safe and learning-filled summer!


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